Day 14

Day 14 and Week 2 summary

This week averaged less than an hour a day ignoring today - so it was relatively slow. I am almost through ZipCPU tutorial 5 and will start on the 6th tutorial from tomorrow - first look it’s more involved than the first 5, so this would take time to cover.

Today’s update

Today I sat down to solder and create a testbed of peripherals I’d like to test in the oncoming days of the sprint. Here it is - it contains an 8-LED array (for the LED walker example), a TFT LCD example for upcoming picorv32 demo and a rotary encoder (I will create a quadrature encoder core, this should be fun when trying to debounce):

I also tweaked the LED walker example I had created during Day 6 to work on the TinyFPGA board, and I had no issues getting it to work, it did right away - here’s a YouTube video of it working:

Code at -